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Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours & Experiences

PO Box 237
Subiaco WA 6904



Our Values

  • We operate out of respect and homage to our Ancestors, our Elders and the beauty of our traditional values and culture.
  • We work to address ignorance, negative stereotypes, mis-information and entrenched prejudice about and towards Indigenous people and their communities.
  • We support truth-telling, cultural renewal and collaborative resolution regarding Indigenous people and their communities.
  • We aim to empower Indigenous youth, their families and the community through involvement in cultural activities and presentations.
  • We welcome respectful discourse and opportunities to collaborate towards improvements in Indigenous social equity and justice.

 Working with Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours and Experiences

 Please take a moment to review the Larrakia Declaration. The Declaration articulates our guiding principles to any business collaboration and partnership. We welcome opportunities to collaborate and align with like-minded individuals and companies who align with our values (above). If you have read this and wish to proceed with a proposal, please contact bookings@gocultural.com.au with your contact details and a brief description.