Sharing the first
story of this land
and traditional
Noongar life

Walter and Meg McGuire created Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours & Experiences in April 2016 with a vision to 'tell the first story' of Noongar people through tours and experiences in culturally significant Perth locations. As directors and operators of a 100% Indigenous, family-owned company, Walter and Meg are guided by a deep connection to their ancestors, culture and heritage. Their tours and experiences are designed to reflect ancient protocols and practicies in the most authentic way possible, given the constraints of modernity.

From childhood, Walter was schooled in Noongar culture, language and customs by his parents and recognised elders. Darwin born Meg's Kungarakan (Finniss River, NT) ancestry make this husband and wife duo the perfect team to faciliate a deeper connection to Australia's Indigenous heritage in an uniquely interactive way.

Perth's Forgotten Lakes

Ancient tracks have become Perth’s roads and highways

Less than 200 years ago, the shores of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) were lined with paperbark trees and connected to a network of freshwater lakes. Tracks trodden for millennia by Noongar people have become Perth’s roads and highways and the skyscrapers of the city’s CBD have been built over the site of Perth’s long forgotten lakes that were once bountiful hunting grounds for the first people.

Early settler’s journals tell of lush pastures around the lakes cleared by firestick burning, a traditional method of controlled burning to facilitate hunting by driving out game, reducing the risk of destructive wildfires and encouraging new growth, thereby changing the composition of plant and animal species in an area.

Learn about the many sacred sites, campgrounds and traditional hunting grounds that remain, secreted in and amongst the foundations of Perth’s central business district and suburbs. Learn about the traditional way of life of the Whadjuk people, their spiritual connection the country, the river and the animals that inhabit Noongar Boodja.

Our Values

  • We operate out of respect and homage to our Ancestors, our Elders and the beauty of our traditional values and culture.
  • We work to address ignorance, negative stereotypes, mis-information and entrenched prejudice about and towards Indigenous people and their communities.
  • We support truth-telling, cultural renewal and collaborative resolution regarding Indigenous people and their communities.
  • We aim to empower Indigenous youth, their families and the community through involvement in cultural activities and presentations.
  • We welcome respectful discourse and opportunities to collaborate towards improvements in Indigenous social equity and justice.

Invoking the sights and sounds of traditional Noongar life